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The Gatecatch

How To Fit Our Catches

The correct installation and maintenance of gates and gateposts will ensure the smooth running of our catches. Be assured, our catches allow for a little bit of gate drop over time unlike many other latches.

Fig 1.png

Step 1

For the GBC Parkland and the GBC Estate first set the gate to open both ways by hanging it centrally between the gate posts with about a 50 mm gap between the gate and the gate post.

Step 2

If the gate is to be used by pedestrians, then the catch should be fitted approximately 1 meter above the ground.

Fig 2.jpg
Fig 3.png

Step 3

If the gate is for equestrian use, the catch should be fitted nearer the top of the gate so the handle just clears the gate ensuring easy reach from horseback.

Step 4

When you have decided the best position for your catch fit the catch to the center of the gate post using four M10 X50 stainless steel coach screws.

Fig 4.jpg
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